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Method for using lignosulfonate

Release time:2017/03/20
Method for using lignosulfonate

Used as concrete water reducing agent: adding cement weight 0.2-0.3%, can reduce water consumption 10-15% above, improve the workability of concrete and improve the quality of the project. Summer use, can inhibit the slump loss, generally with the use of superplasticizer.

It is used as the flotation agent of mineral processing and smelting slag binder, the smelting industry is mixed with calcium lignosulfonate and mineral powder.

Refractory material: the production of refractory brick watt hour, the use of calcium lignosulfonate as a dispersant and adhesive, can improve the operating performance, and water, enhance, prevent cracking and other good results.

Ceramics: used in ceramic products can reduce the carbon content increase green strength, reduce the dosage of plastic clay, mud flow, improve the yield rate of sintering by 70 minutes 70-90%, reduced to 40 minutes.

Other: calcium lignosulfonate can also be used for refining additives, casting, dispersant of coal water slurry, pesticide wettable powder processing, briquette repression, inhibition of roads, soil, dust, leather tanning fillers, carbon black granulation, feed adhesive etc..

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