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Ammonium lignosulfonate

Release time:2017/03/20
Ammonium lignosulfonate

Ammonium lignosulfonate    

一.Product presentation

The production  is a kind of multicomponent polymers, belonging to the anion surface active agent, has a good water solubility and surface activity. Appearance looks like orange( brown ) powder. Dry powder has strong adhesiveness, when meet with a small amount of water. Ammonium lignosulfonate widely used in refractory , ceramic , foundry ,briquette coal, fodder , organic phosphate fertilizer , water-coal slurry , synthetic resin, and adhesive etc…


二. Main technical index


Appearance                                     Brown powder

moisture                                           ≤7%

PH Value                                           9-11

Lignin content                                    48-52%

Water-reducing rate                                 7

Water insoluble                                   ≤1.5%

Matter                                              93



三. Main uses
1. It contain more than 80% of organic matter, is rich in nitrogen and potassium, etc… it is the fine organic fertilizer.
2. This product also is good fodder raw materials besides nutritional labeling, such as zinc, iodine, selenium , iron, calcium, etc…
3. It also be widely used in water coal slurry, mine flotation, smelting granulation, pitch emulsification ,concrete admixtures, oil extraction, industrial water treatment, environmental resin, ceramic, refractory and building, energy, chemical industry, light industry, etc…



四. Packing, storage & transportation
1. Packing: 25KG in PP woven bag lined with plastic film.
2. Storage: The product should be kept in dry and ventilating place, should pay attention to moistureproof prevent wet. It can stored for a long time, if agglomerated, please crush and make it into solution, and its effect will be the same.
3. Transportation: The product is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive.
It can be transport by car, train and container



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